Nanoscale prototyping and nanofabrication with FIB-SEMs

Rapidly design, create and inspect prototypes at the micro and nanoscale 

Bring your designs to life with TESCAN’s nanoscale prototyping and fabrication.

Experience the power of nanoscale fabrication and rapidly create functional device prototypes with TESCAN's cutting-edge FIB-SEM technology. Our smart and efficient system is designed to make nanoprototyping accessible and cost-effective for laboratories of all kinds, from microelectronics to automotive and scientific equipment industries.

Don't let your ideas stay on paper. Turn them into reality with TESCAN's advanced nanoscale prototyping and fabrication solutions.

Nanoscale prototyping of functional devices using FIB Milling and the widest selection of proprietary gas precursor


Essence™ DrawBeam
Expandable software module for high precision nanopatterning and nanofabrication applications

Essence™ DrawBeam is a modular, fully integrated patterning engine for FIB-SEM applications such as cross-sectioning, sample preparation for TEM, atom probe tomography, or mechanical testing. DrawBeam handles advanced operations like patterning and creating complex structures using focused electron beam-induced deposition (FEBID), focused ion beam induced deposition (FIBID), and another user-defined focused ion beam (FIB) milling processes.

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Prototype micro- and nano-devices like micropillars, cantilevers and microfluidic channels

Micro and nano-prototyping structures require clear definition of their shapes and milling strategies. Whether as a newcomer or an advanced user in nano prototyping, you’ll benefit from a rich library of purpose-designed nano prototyping objects dedicated to the preparation of complex nanostructures. 

Prepare nanofabricated structures from any Material

Devices and structures can be milled into (or deposited on) a wide range of materials. Define various FIB-related parameters using advanced features, such as editable multi-material databases in EssenceTM DrawBeam, to achieve maximum milling depth or deposition height precision on almost any substrate material.

Produce artifact-free repetitive nanostructures

The final quality of the structures depends on the strategy of handling intersections of overlaying objects and the order of the objects in the project. Choose between serial or parallel object patterning with the option to merge overlapping objects resulting in the highest quality of nanostructures.

Create three-dimensional nanopatterns like plasmonic half helix resonators and more

A large variety of precursors, coupled with precise ion or electron beam induced deposition, enables the preparation of complex three-dimensional nanopatterns. You also can prepare the most complex nanopatterns through Python scripting commands using advanced SharkSEM™ features.

Speed your milling processes during nanopatterning and Nanofabrication

Proprietary precursors can be used to enhance your electron or ion beam-induced etching. By selecting the right precursor, enhanced etching not only speeds up the preparation process but also reduces redeposition, resulting in the highest quality nanopatterning outcomes.

Improve overall quality and assure perpendicularity of FIB nanofabricated structures such as cantilevers

Make use of the patented TESCAN Rocking stage and correct the taper angle for any material in both X and Y direction. This is especially powerful when preparing samples for synchrotron or cantilever samples for in-situ mechanical testing at the nanoscale.

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TESCAN Rocking Stage

TESCAN Rocking Stage is fully compatible with TESCAN Nano-fabrications workflows. As such, it enables an additional tilt axis to mitigate geometrical asymmetries caused by tempering angle.

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Nanoscale prototyping of functional devices using Electron Beam Lithography

Perform electron beam lithography by combining advanced EBL software and TESCAN’s fast electrostatic beam blanker

Whether you're a seasoned expert or new to EBL, TESCAN's advanced Fast Beam Blanker provides the perfect solution for achieving creative freedom in your work. 

Work confidently with the full support of the GDSII hierarchical data format

Define and modify intended EBL steps and workflows for multi technique exposure with ease through an add-on for the third party open source software Klayout. 

Tailor your EBL exposure strategy

Field stitches can be a major obstacle when it comes to achieving the desired exposure quality in EBL designs. That's why TESCAN offers a solution that puts manual control over field placement in your hands. By avoiding stitching errors, you can achieve the optimum final exposure quality for your work.

Optimize exposure conditions

Continual beam current control and theoretical beam spot size estimation enable users to match the exposure step size to the probe diameter. This means the smoothest possible sidewall for the exposed structure is achieved.

Plan your time requirement for instrument use

Maximize your instrument's usage with the exposure time estimate feature. This feature enables offline exposure simulation to allow optimization and debugging of the exposure parameters, resulting in a more robust design and shorter writing times when actually prepared on the instrument.


E-beam lithography

TESCAN’s EssenceTM EBL Kit works with TESCAN’s fast electrostatic beam blanker to provide a fully integrated solution for performing EBL using a scanning electron microscope. This provides the flexibility not only for routine imaging and analysis but also for nanofabrication. The Essence™ EBL kit, coupled with the powerful FIB nanofabrication engine of a FIB-SEM, creates a powerful tool for rapid prototyping of functional devices in fundamental and applied research of materials.


Models and Features List

Fit the instrument to the main task

Electron Beam and Focused Ion Beam nanoprototyping and ultimate sample nanocharacterization

Ultimate resolution FIB-SEM workstation for advanced nanoprototyping and nanofabrication applications

A full view of TESCAN SOLARIS
  • Develop prototype sensors, photonics and MEMS, among other devices by adding TESCAN‘s Essence™ EBL Kit to create micro- and nanostructures with specific shapes, dimensions and material composition on a variety of substrates
  • Create complex nanodevices and nanostructures using our built in DrawBeam™ nanopatterning engine for both electron and ion beams
  • Perform ultra-high resolution low keV SEM imaging on beam sensitive samples with SOLARIS‘ unique crossover-free immersion mode optimized for sample
  • Prototype precisely defined nanostructures and prepare high quality ultra-thin TEM lamellae and with excellent Ga FIB resolution of SOLARIS-even at low keV
  • Customize nanoprototyping applications and processes with the open source Python scripting interface

Versatile materials nanocharacterization and FIB nanoprototyping

Field-free UHR SEM and Ga FIB for sample preparation and nanoscale characterization

A full view of Amber, an FIB-SEM application by TESCAN
  • Prototype precisely defined nanostructures and prepare high quality ultra-thin TEM lamellae with excellent Ga FIB resolution
  • Perform ultra-high resolution imaging and nanoanalysis on the widest range of materials, with the BrightBeam™ field-free UHR-SEM column featuring low landing energies for sensitive materials
  • Customize nanoprototyping applications and processes with the open source Python scripting interface
  • Boost your analytical potential on any kind of sample, by combining fully integrated, complementary techniques like EDS, EBSD, WDS, ToF-SIMS and Raman spectroscopy in one system

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