Leverage TESCAN TIMA's
Automated Mineralogy

for Rapid Analysis of
Geological Materials

TESCAN TIMA stands at the forefront of automated mineralogy, engineered for swift EDS data collection and comprehensive phase and texture analysis. The system is adept at handling both particle and bulk samples, boasting high throughput through the integration of four EDS detectors to accelerate data collection.

TIMA sets the standard in automated mineralogy by precisely identifying mineral phases through the nuanced interpretation of X-ray spectra, merging within-grain spectra for a combined spectrum that eases mineral identification and enhances element quantification across a wide abundance range.

Optimizing Mineral Processing with Precise Data

With the data and insights from TESCAN TIMA, metallurgists and geoscientists gain the ability to fine-tune mineral processing operations and conduct in-depth sample characterization with unprecedented statistical reliability.

Leveraging advanced software, TIMA offers detailed analyses such as modal mineralogy, grain/particle size distribution, and the highly valued liberation analysis. Its capability in elemental deportment - tracking how elements distribute across mineral phases - is essential for optimizing ore processing strategies and identifying causes of elemental loss, thereby enhancing mineral processing outcomes.

Benefits of TESCAN TIMA Automated Mineralogy

Discover the advantages of TESCAN TIMA's automated mineralogy, designed to elevate your ore characterization
capabilities to a new level.

Effortless Data Collection

Mask Group 2-1

Achieve complete automation in data acquisition, eliminating manual intervention.

Unmatched Speed

Mask Group 5-2

Rapidly assess particle sizes and phase distribution, enhancing productivity.

Superior Sensitivity


Detect light elements bearing phases and trace minerals with exceptional precision.

Extensive Sample Capacity

Mask Group 6-1

Analyze over 40 samples in one batch thanks to a large chamber. 

Flexible Customization


Integrate various contrast and spectroscopic methods for comprehensive analysis.

in Phase Identification


Determine the elemental makeup of minerals for detailed insights into elemental deportment.

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Features that set

Mineral Processing Insights with

Discover the unique capabilities of TESCAN TIMA that enhance mineral processing with precision and insight.

  • Liberation Degree Determination:
    Gain accurate understanding of mineral liberation to significantly improve processing strategies.
  • Ore Particle Categorization:
    Expertly analyze and categorize ore particles for optimized beneficiation and enhanced recovery rates.
  • Elemental Deportment:
    Discover the phases containing valuable elements to understand limits of ore amenability.
  • Value and Risk Identification:
    Detect valuable byproducts and identify penalty elements early in the ore processing chain, maximizing profitability and minimizing risks.
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Geoscience Insights with TESCAN TIMA

Unlock a new level of petrographic characterization with TESCAN TIMA, providing unparalleled insights into mineral composition and textural relationships.

  • Modal Mineralogy Accuracy:
    Automatically identify and quantify minerals in samples with unmatched accuracy.
  • Seamless Correlative Characterization:
    Combine high-resolution BSE imaging, elemental mapping, and cathodoluminescence in a single analysis for comprehensive insights.
  • Advanced Analytical Workflows:
    Accurately locate specific minerals and transfer their coordinates for further analysis using techniques like electron microprobe or laser ablation.
  • Detailed Grain and Particle Analysis:
    Efficiently sort, filter, and classify grains or particles by their chemical composition, morphology, and texture, enhancing the understanding of geological samples.
Mask Group 9

Features that set TESCAN TIMA apart from other solutions

Raw Materials Insights with TESCAN TIMA

  • Lithium Phase Analysis:
    Uncover which phases host lithium and other essential elements in the ore and quantify them with unmatched precision. 
  • Liberation Degree Mastery:
    Understand the liberation degree of lithium-rich minerals and harness this knowledge for optimal process enhancement. 
  • Ore Particle Categorization:
    Analyze and classify ore particles to optimize the beneficiation process and maximize yield.
  • Value Identification:
    Spot potentially valuable byproducts of lithium ore processing, such as tin and tantalum minerals.

Recycling Insights with TESCAN TIMA

  • Black Mass Analysis:
    Decipher the intricate compositional and textural diversity of black mass. 
  • Residue characterization:
    Efficiently characterize solid residues post black mass chemical processing.  
  • Cathode Material Quantification:
    Dive deep into the black mass characterization and quantify various cathode materials like NMC, LFP, and more. 
  • Loss Investigation:
    Delve into the root causes of recycling losses and enhance efficiency with TESCAN TIMA data insights.
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