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The full picture of the
Electron Beam – Specimen interaction

4D-STEM (4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy) is an evolution of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy 


It takes full advantage of innovations in the field of hybrid-pixel, direct electron detectors, to capture an electron diffraction pattern at each pixel in the STEM image. With this methodology the microscope acquires a 2D reciprocal space image (electron diffraction pattern) tagged to every pixel as the transmitted electron beam is scanned across a 2D region of interest (ROI) in real space, hence the term 4D-STEM.


TESCAN TENSOR takes 4D-STEM one step further, as it also acquires an EDS spectrum, together with a precession electron diffraction pattern (PED), for each pixel in the 4D-STEM dataset. We refer to this capability as Analytical 4D-STEM. 

Analytical 4D-STEM can be combined with more conventional STEM and STEM Tomography measurements, to provide a comprehensive solution for nanoscale, multimodal characterization of functional materials, thin films, and synthetic or natural crystals.

Play the video to watch the animation of 4D-STEM data acquisition.

Integration designed from the ground up

Performance, Usability and hence Availability of 4D-STEM measurements has historically been compromised by the lack of integration of 4D-STEM components on (S)TEM current generation columns that were not originally designed for this purpose.



as the synchronization of electron beam scanning with diffraction imaging, EDS acquisition, Electron Beam Precession, Fast Beam Blanking, Near real-time 4D-STEM data analysis and processing, coupled with robust software solutions, has been achieved with a purpose-built microscope that was designed, from the ground up, for Analytical 4D-STEM applications.

Watch this video of near real-time acquisition of a phase and orientation map.

Measurements Readily Available


The result is an analytical instrument with several STEM, 4D-STEM and Tomography measurements readily available for the nanoscale, multimodal morphological, chemical, and structural characterization of a wide range of materials from materials engineering, semiconductor, and crystallography applications.

A full description of TESCAN TENSOR’s measurements can be found HERE


TESCAN TENSOR also excels in stand-out performance from a system designed from the ground up, accessible quickly also by novel users without exhaustive training and experience in (S)TEM operational procedures. Explore by clicking any of the links below.

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